A minimalist javascript framework for AMD-based web applications

Pilot’s core is an Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD)-compliant loader that supports named & anonymous modules. If you’re unfamiliar with AMD, James Burke’s RequireJS has a great bit on Why AMD?

On top of Pilot’s AMD core sits 3 modules to get your application running quickly.

Under 3k minified and gzipped, Pilot is designed to do as much as possible with as little as possible. It isn’t a bloated library that forces you into any paradigms, but rather provides just enough to get you started quickly with the freedom to approach application design how you choose.

Quick Start

  1. Clone it at https://github.com/briancray/pilotjs.git
  2. Include <script type="text/javascript" src="pilot.build.min.js" data-main="main"></script> where "main" is your starting module id.
  3. Call pilot.render('body') in your main module.